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GTT Design: Keypad Example

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In this example, a basic keypad interface is generated and deployed to a GTT50A display using the GTT Designer software tool.

The design for this example consists of two separate groups of elements: a keypad and a label. For this example, it is important to set IDs for elements because they will be referenced directly in code. A complete list of all elements is available in the Report.txt file found within the output folder of the project.

The code for this example was written in Arduino C. The basic function of the program is to check a four digit input code against a key code and notify the user if the values match. Feedback is provided by changing label colour and activating the piezo buzzer.
This example demonstrates the power of the Matrix Orbital GTT series, when combined with the GTT Designer software tool.

GTT Firmware Version:
GTT Designer Version:
Controller: Arduino Uno
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