GTT Firmware Release R2.5.0.7754

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GTT Firmware Release R2.5.0.7754

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New GTT Revision 2.0 firmware has been released!

Changelog from R2.4.0.7279
  • New Feature: Input Buffer increased to 16KB from 4KB
  • New Feature: GTT50A and GTT70A RAM increase to 64MB, remaining units still at 32MB
  • New Command: Set/Get Toggle State (171/170)
  • New Command: Set Panel Orientation (50)
  • New Feature: Implemented alpha channel support to allow smoother nine slice bar graphs
  • New Feature: Added support for .otf font file types
  • New Feature: Added support for spaces in nine slice and animation file names
  • Bug Fix: Corrected error returns from Get Slider Value and Read Screen Rectangle commands
  • Bug Fix: Corrected label implementation to ensure data isn't displayed when the colour of an empty label is changed
  • Bug Fix: Corrected rendering of 16bpp images with odd row lengths
  • Bug Fix: Corrected I2C address setting location to SYSTEMI2C.cfg
  • Bug Fix: Updated sliders to allow small increments, and corrected Get Slider Value command initial value for left and top styles
  • Optimization: Nine slice graphs are now drawn with the background image first, then the foreground over top
  • Optimization: GPO initialization, under specific conditions, no longer causes pulses on start up
Download it here:

Troy Clark
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