Notice of PLED discontinuation

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Notice of PLED discontinuation

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Dear Valued Customers:

Due to our PLED (Polymeric Light Emitting Diode) supplier announcing that they are no longer going
to be manufacturing this technology, we, Matrix Orbital, hereby submit this letter to inform you that we
must discontinue all of our products that use PLED technology.

The following part numbers will be discontinued:

*  PK162-12
*  PK202-25
*  PK204-25
*  PK202-24-USB
*  MOS-AP162A-XY
*  MOS-AP202C-XY
*  MOP-AP162A-XY
*  MOP-AP202C-XY
*  MX600
*  MX610
*  MX620
*  MX630

Please note that PLED technology will be discontinued throughout the entire industry. It does not only
affect Matrix Orbital.

In order to assist you with this discontinuation please review the following potential display solutions:

1) Changing from a PLED display to an FFSTN LCD display
FFSTN LCD displays (Liquid Crystal Display) like PLED displays are very bright and crisp.
They are capable of a temperature range of -20 to +70 degrees Celcius.

2) Changing from a PLED display to a VFD display
VFD displays (Vacuum Flourescent Display) like PLED displays have a near a 160 degree viewing
VFD's are also extremely bright and crisp.
They are capable of a temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celcius.

3) Changing from a PLED display to an STN LCD display
STN LCD displays (Liquid Crystal Display) are the most widely used technology.
They are capable of a temperature of -20 to +70 degrees Celcius

Please note that the main difference between PLED technology and any of the above mentioned
technologies is the power consumption. PLED Technology had a very low power consumption that will not be matched in VFD or LCD

We will be continuing to monitor the PLED situation in the industry in the hopes that another company will be able to take over the manufacturing of this technology. This may or may not happen and will most likely take a long time.

In the meantime, please take the necessary steps to switch over to another technology. We will be more than happy to help you transition to a technology that will work for your application.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this will cause.

Please feel free to contact a sales representative who will be able to answer any questions and address
any concerns.

Sales Line: 403-229-2737

Kind Regards,

The Management and Staff of Matrix Orbital
Nick Hesson
Sales Rep.
Matrix Orbital

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