How To: Run a GX in Windows 7

GX and Typhoon hardware, this includes, displays, cables and accessory cards.

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How To: Run a GX in Windows 7

Post by Clark » Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:59 am

Taken from these steps kindly provided by slavearm.

First, install from scratch, if you have unsuccessfully installed before, the following steps will get you back to square one.
1. Boot into safe mode with networking.
2. Uninstall Any Drivercore or other Matrix Orbital Product you have installed
3. Check the task manager and make sure everything LCD or Drivercore is not running
4. Use Regedit and delete anything Drivercore or Matrix Orbital
5. Delete the current c:\program filesx86\Matrix Orbital Drivercore folder (or wherever you installed it)

Next, plug in the unit, if it's not already.

Then, read the documentation provided in the latest software pack. There are pictures. Stop when you reach the Upgrading Firmware section.

At this point you can follow the steps below to manually install Windows7 drivers, if they have not yet been provided in an easy install package.
1. Again, if you are not already there, boot into safe mode with networking.
2. Download the Windows 7 Driver and extract it to a temporary folder.
3. Open the c:\program filesx86\Matrix Orbital Drivercore folder then open the drivers portion
4. Create a new folder here called old, and move all the files in the drivers folder to the old folder EXCEPT gx_irbus.inf
5. Go back to the folder you extracted the windows 7 drivers to and then go into either the x86 or x64 folder as appropriate for your system (x64 = 64-bit x86=32 bit). Highlight all the files here and then right click and copy
6. Go into the c:\program filesx86\Matrix Orbital Drivercore\drivers folder again and paste the files here.
7. Go into device manager and locate your GX. Right click go to properties. Click Update Driver. Don't let it search automatically. Tell it the files are on your local PC and then point it to the c:\program filesx86\Matrix Orbital Drivercore\drivers folder. Click next and then it should update the drivers.
8. Reboot

Finally, continue with the installation of LCDStudio as per your Installation/Upgrade manual. As noted, the upgrade only applies to units manufactured before August 2008; if your unit does not require an upgrade it won't show up in the manager. And that's why I've skipped over the section.

Check out this great LCDStudio guide for inspiration, and consult your GX manual for all info regarding the configuration of advanced settings.

You're done, and in the words of slavearm, YAY!

Troy Clark
Design & Development
Matrix Orbital

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