Future FSTN neg. displays

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Do you like to see -Fx configarations in other display models than 2x20 character?

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Future FSTN neg. displays

Post by Rolfiboy » Thu Oct 04, 2007 1:12 pm


Well i am very glad to see that you make some FSTN neg. transmissive displays like this:


...and the other -Fx models.

They are awesome displays which is not only my own opinion, but one i share many others in the casemodding community. Actually you are the only manufacture i see have the display for sale for private and not only for bulk oem customers. They do make a big difference not only in contrast, but also because they look so much cooler than all the other LCD's we see every day, like blue text on white background, white text on blue background, black/grey text on yellow/green/red/blue background or yellow text on blue background(ie. all the other models) :D

But the downside is that you only make the -Fx models(specially the -FB :D for my point of view) in the 2x20 models, :cry:
I wish together with many others that you in the future plan to make the -Fx displays in other models like in 20x4 character displays or even in your graphic LCD models(that would be nice!). :jawdrop:

Well i know i have to order 250units to have them made custom, if i had the money i would have done so because i wouldn't have any problems with finding customers to buy them, but i don't have that many money, even if it had been a good business. :(

Well i hope you keep up the good business and supply us with cool looking displays.

Best regards

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Post by Henry » Thu Oct 04, 2007 2:22 pm

This is another FFSTN display, but the really neat part is that it is a Tri-Colour backlight, so the display can be almost any colour your want.
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