GTT Firmware Release R2.8.0.9398

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GTT Firmware Release R2.8.0.9398

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New GTT Revision 2.0 firmware has been released!

Changelog from R2.7.0.8424
  • New Display: Added support for GTT52B
  • Object Update: Updated all implementation of Buttons
  • New Feature: Added Disabled state for Buttons
  • New Feature: Added Focus (Selected) state for Buttons
  • New Feature: Added global increment/decrement and set Focus
  • New Feature: Added EventGraphs to allow more Button/Keypad functionality
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where an update label command between begin/end visual update commands wouldn't execute
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where box characters would appear after loading Designer screens
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Sliders would not respond
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Label colours were not updated correctly
  • Bug Fix: Corrected response from Font Caching command
  • Optimization: Cleanup nineslice and animations at shutdown
  • Optimization: Fixed memory leaks causing reboots
Download your GTT FIrmware here.

Also, to incorporate the newest firmware features in your design, check out the latest GTT Designer Software.

Troy Clark
Design & Development
Matrix Orbital

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