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Mondeo Carputer

Post by Arild »

Unit: VK204-24-USB
Software: LCD Smartie
Difficulty: Easy
Other System Specs: Win XP, Winamp

This display is used in a Carputer (Car Computer) setup. It`s mounted under the stereo head unit, where the ashtray usually sits. Because of little space available I needed to remove the display from the circuit board. The display shows mediainformation etc. from Winamp. My car is a Ford Mondeo (1995).






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project kosmos

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Software: windows 7x64
cpu: amd 235E(45w) had amd 250(65) but got too hot
Case: Noah mini itx case with modified front for gx typhoon and vents added for cooling
Difficulty: very hard & fiddly due to space
Other System Specs:blu-ray drive 4gb ddr2 800 SoundBlaster x-fi elite pro with opamp & capacitors modified to improve sound... .
The other half set a challenge .She wanted a compact media centre capable of playing blu-ray discs & hd.mkv films with good sound quality for Christmas. since I had an xfi elite pro & a Noah mini itx case already i chose to begin there.The case has been modified to fit the big SoundBlaster soundcard & the matrix orbital typhoon.
the most tricky was removing the old op amp chip from soundcard(smt) for a better one.we do not have 5.1 but the xfi external bot downmix 5.1 sound from virgin hd box into 4 channel so pc is acting as a dolby digital decoder as well.She is very happy
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case before mod
case before mod
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