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my case

Post by PitchWhite »

Unit: Orbital 212
Software: LCDC
Case: gw802
Difficulty: Medium
Other: GPO's drilled out and inserted in top of case above CD rom so lights come on when CD ejected. CD drive stealthed - lcd button programmed to eject drive.
4 x 120mm aluminium fans hooked up to vantec fan controller - 2x blade fan guards 2 x dragon fan guards.
Stealthed front bay usb/firewire ports + 3.5 floppy drive.
Case LED's changed for blue hard disk activity, white power on.
4 x blue led case feet.
Scanner light inserted inside front of case pointing down through grill - made up of 15LED's that blick in succession (if you ever saw the program night rider its basically that). Shiny metal plate underneath reflecting it.
Lit case badge.
12" blue cold cathode at bottom of case.


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Unit: LK202-24-USB
Software: LCDC
Difficulty: Easy <:)
Other: Had to split the LCD and controller to make it fit, due to the restricted space behind the CD-Rom drive in the shuttle, also didn't want too much of the tray to be covered when the drive is open due to the big recess that would be needed to fit the whole unit. Relocated the eject button to the back of the case in the Wi-fi hole.



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Eh, i didnt really put any time into installing it, since its on rails it was kinda hard. but here are some pictures and dont make fun of my desk...

i like it
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My Half-Life case...

Post by Eddiie »

Unit: MX414
Software: LCDC
Case: Chieftech
Difficulty: Medium
Other: I added LEDs using the GPOs.


I was really inspired by the case here:

So I tried to make my own...

Case is not finished yet, but you can go here for a diary...

The Fan bus above the MX..... I did not have a very steady hand... and messed up the text above the switches, will redo this someday... Anyway, there is a 4" UV Neon tube behind the UV Green plastic (cut up old CD case) that makes the letters glow, kinda cool.

I made my own water temp probes using the Dallas 1 Wire things. Just need lots of silicone and a sharp knife.

The MX controls the radiator fans, fans on the RAM. 6 Temp probes, 2 for water (in and out of radiator), one on Chipset, one on each RAM stick, and one ambient temp probe just under the radiator.

More pictures soon...

Spent a LOT of time on this, sleeving the wires, shrink tubing, etc... Can tell though. hahaa over 200 rivets which did not turn out looking the way I wanted... Oh well.....
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