End of Life and New Part Release:GLK12232-25-SM-XXX-XX Series

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End of Life and New Part Release:GLK12232-25-SM-XXX-XX Series

Post by Clare » Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:53 am

The GLK12232-25-SM-XXX-XX series is going end of life in September 2015.
It will be replaced by our exciting new line the GLX12232A Series which now comes with a new color and a touchscreen option!

The end of life notice can be reviewed here: http://www.matrixorbital.ca/EOL/EOL2015-01-23-01.pdf

This new line has a 122 x 32 pixel graphic display in a small form factor that is perfect for adding graphics to even a small viewable area. This tiny high resolution display is approximately the same size as a 16x2 character display and is designed to upgrade older alphanumeric displays. This display includes a number of advanced user interface features including a 25 key input, 2 five volt general purpose outputs, and a piezo electric buzzer. Additionally, 256KB of memory is available to custom touches including fonts and bitmaps. With Tri-Colour, Grey/White, and White/Blue colour options, this versatile display can upgrade the look of your existing project, or add a high end look to a new product.

Check it out online today: http://www.matrixorbital.com

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