Downloading code from EVE Screen Designer

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Downloading code from EVE Screen Designer

Post by dsabol »

I don't know if this is the right forum to ask...but I'm having trouble getting code downloaded from EVE Screen Designer onto my EVE2-43G-BLM-TPC.

I have successfully run the EVE2_43G_TPC.exe so I know the hardware is good and can communicate with my laptop. I also followed the configuration instructions and modified the appropriate files.

After creating a layout I am going to Build->Build and Upload to Hardware. It launches a blank exe screen that shows no output. I tried running directly from the generated .exe, and got an error that code execution couldn't proceed because LibFT4222.dll was not found. I downloaded the dll and moved it into the folder that the generated exe is in. The error message doesn't show anymore, but it still only shows the blank output.

Do I need to install the dll to a specific location? Any other possibilities? At this point I'm spinning my wheels.

Attached is a screen shot of my project / settings. I have never used EVE Screen Designer, so it is probably something very simple.
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Re: Downloading code from EVE Screen Designer

Post by Raquel »

Thank you for posting on our forum.

Glad to hear the you have qualified the hardware by using our exe file.
Unfortunately, we have not much experience with using the EVE Screen Designer.
I suggest contacting Bridgetek, or go try out their EVE forum.

Best Regards,
Raquel Malinis
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