Code-Library for EVE TFTs

FTDI/Bridgetek EVE2 & EVE3 & EVE4 SPI TFT Series by Matrix Orbital

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Code-Library for EVE TFTs

Post by Rudolph »

Just a little self-promotion, well, sort of since the stuff is for free under MIT license, I have a code-library for FT8xx up on Github:

This is setup to support the full range of FT8xx.
Although I plan to remove FT80x support in the future, likely when BT815/BT816 support is implemented and if these need special code.
The FT80x are just outdated by now, especially with the full range of displays from Matrix Orbital that feature FT812/FT813 and nothing less.

Supported are all FT8xx modules so far that I am aware of including of course the EVE2 TFTs from Matrix Orbital.

Plus it is multi-plattform.
I mainly use it with AVR controllers for now, but also used it with Arduino AVR and ESP8266, RH850 and lately Infineon Aurix TC222.
And I have reports that it works on a whole lot of other controllers like STM32, PIC, SAM4, SAMV70...

In regards of the EVE2 TFTs I have code in place to make use of the GT911 touch-controller used in the cap-touch versions from Matrix Orbital.

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Re: Code-Library for EVE TFTs

Post by Henry »

Thank you Rudolph!
Henry J.
Matrix Orbital

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