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EVE2 Module: Drawing with Primitives Example

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:30 pm
by Daniel Divino
With the release of the new EVE2 TFT series, I have developed a few application notes which are aimed to assist those beginning their own EVE2 TFT development. These appnotes should provide users with the insight they need to communicate with their EVE2 modules, and take advantage of all the features that the EVE2 module has to offer.

For this application, I have decided to start off with the basics, and showcase how to establish communication, use primitives to draw the Matrix Orbital Logo, and draw buttons for user control.

The code is a modified version of FTDI’s Sample Application that they provide on their website. All modifications to the code were made in Microsoft Visual Studio and written in C. A USB2SPI bridge is used to send data directly to the EVE2 module.

The code will run a ‘For’ loop, drawing each individual aspect of the Matrix Orbital Logo during each iteration of the loop. For example, during the first iteration the EVE2 will draw a rectangle, for the following three iterations, three circles will be drawn, in the fifth iteration text will be added, etc. Once the logo is completed, two buttons will be drawn providing the user the option to either restart the loop, or exit the program.

This example only scratches the surface of what the EVE is capable of, and is meant to demonstrate how easy it can be to develop for the EVE2 Module.
Drawing Primitives End screen.png
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