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Matrix Orbital EVE Series

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:03 pm
by Daniel Divino
Matrix Orbital is excited to introduce the new EVE2 TFT module; a display series that combines our world class displays with FTDI’s award winning FT81x EVE chips.

The FT81X series chips are graphics controllers with additional features, including audio playback and touch capabilities. The Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology integrated in the FT81x allows for smooth playback of jpeg based AVI videos. Images can be sent directly to the display, and the built in widgets and primitives allow users to build beautiful and functional screens for their application.

Users can use a USB2SPI bridge, to communicate to the display directly, or use a plethora of microcontrollers to send commands to the unit, including Arduino FTDI’s FT900 series, NXP’s 17XX etc.

Key Features
*Advanced Embedded Video Engine (EVE) with high resolution graphics and video playback
*Multiple Widgets provided for simplified design development
*Resistive and Capacitive Touch screen options available
*Capacitive Touch supports 5 touch inputs
*Can be configured for Portrait and Landscape orientation
*Supports playback motion-JPEG encoded AVI Videos
*-20°C to +70°C extended operating temperature range

Product Release Video:

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