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GTT Design: GTT29A Keypad Demo

Post by Clark » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:16 pm

In this example, keypad navigation is demonstrated for a GTT29A display using the GTT Designer software tool.

The design for this example was built entirely using the latest GTT Designer build and GTT Firmware. All files required to open, run, and modify the example within the GTT Designer software tool are attached.

The code for this example was developed entirely in the GTT Designer. The basic function of the program is to showcase keypad navigation using the GTT29A. Navigation is implemented by linking the Increment/Decrement Focus actions to specific Keys in the Events tab, using unique Row/Column combinations found in the GTT29A Hardware Manual (Section 4.9 Keypad). Focused objects are selected using the Scan Code value at the bottom of the Property tab. Default scan codes are found in the GTT Protocol Manual (Command 10.14 Assign Keypad Codes).

This example demonstrates the ease of use of the Matrix Orbital GTT series, especially when combined with the GTT Designer software tool.

GTT Firmware Version:
GTT Designer Version:

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