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GTT Design: Control Panel Example

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:59 am
by Daniel Divino
In this example, a basic control panel interface is generated and deployed to a GTT70A display using the GTT Designer software tool.

For this example, multiple screen designs are included, allowing for multiple features to be integrated, and explained. Each screen has its own function and purpose. The first screen allows all assets to be loaded onto the GTT, the second provides the user the ability to control the system that is running, and the third gives the user the ability to adjust the GTT’s screen settings.

The code for this example was written in Arduino C.The basic function of the program is to process slider inputs, and update the display screen appropriately. Whenever the slider is adjusted, the Arduino will process the slider’s value, and then update the PSI label and bar graphs associated with the slider.

GTT Firmware Version:
GTT Designer Version:
Controller: Arduino Uno
Control panel screenshot.PNG
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