Copying and Grouping Tools/Elements

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Copying and Grouping Tools/Elements

Post by josephc » Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:00 am

Had a go for over a half day on GTT designer and I have some feature questions.

Question 1:
I have created an interface for one channel of controls (think channel 1 for an oscilloscope) for the device we are working toward developing. I have all of the interface elements I want for this channel. I was going to then copy this and paste three times but to my disappointment, a group of tools/elements cannot be copied and then pasted. Will this be a future feature?

Question 2:
It looks like you can make a group of tools/ elements but I could not get a group of a group(s) working. Am I correct? And if so, will this be a future feature?

Question 3:
I was going to get around the issues I encountered on Q1 and Q2 by just having no groups at all and select multiple tools/ elements at once but it looks like I cannot do that either. This means I am stuck manually placing everything on the screen for every channel! I understand no making a groups of groups and copying groups as this could be annoying to program such a data structure but selects and copies and pastes should be a minimum feature to help alleviate the interface design process for instruments that have more than one channel of control. Unless there is another way to do this?

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Re: Copying and Grouping Tools/Elements

Post by Haz » Wed May 27, 2020 8:58 am

I'd vote for that. There are a lot of GUI design features which should be considered. And I am not talking about functionality although that could use a boost of new features, but more like Align objects, copy and group as you mentioned, and more importantly, index similar objects with their ObjectID so we can scroll through them in code on the host.

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