New GTT series

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New GTT series

Post by Lenny »

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say, well done on the new GTT series!

Although the GTT480272A was a great display, I didn't find it's touch response so good, unless I used a stylus or tip of a finger nail (even after a cal).
But, the new GTT series is very responsive to the touch of a finger tip, and very fast in loading files from the SD card.
I also think the colour contrast is better too.

We are not far off from releasing a New Zealand designed amplifier featuring a GTT43A, and I have also been tinkering with an embedded version of my navigation software.
The attached photo shows a test run from home and around the bays in Wellington, New Zealand. The display is a GTT50A.
Couple bugs in the photo, but getting there!
The finished gadget will make full use of the touch capabilities, and all the cool features of the GTT series.
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Re: New GTT series

Post by Tino »

Hey Lenny,

It looks great so far, thank you for sharing with us!

Martino DeLeon
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