WTT touchscreen lcd for working vfd setup

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WTT touchscreen lcd for working vfd setup

Post by allanon » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:06 am

First off I dont know if this type of post is kosher here.. so if not then please feel free to delete and accept my apologies..

So my "request" might be a bit weird at first but please don't judge me too harshly just yet ;p

An electrical engineer friend just retired and while cleaning out some of his old stuff he gave me an unused touchscreen LCD with a serial interface. Manufactured by Amulet Technologies.. specifically http://www.amulettechnologies.com/produ ... rterk.html model STK-GT380. Anyway Ive tried numerous times in the past to get a working HD44780 compliant lcd working in various project and always met with crappy results. Now I realize the limitless possibilities a more electrically inclined person could do with somehting like this so my offer is this: I would like to trade this unit with power supply and software cd, for a working 20x4 VFD setup.. usb, serial or lpt, I dont care which so long as it's working (well and maybe enclosed in a project case or w/e). Totally even trade here.
My goal is to connect the lcd to my headless Smoothwall box to display vital stats such as bandwidth, uptime, etc.

And before someone asks why I dont just learn some coding and set this guy up for myself.. well Im an impatient person. Besides I work as a sys admin and I really dont have the time, not to mention I hate coding ;p

Also Im sorry for posting here like this, but I have no clue where else I could go for a proposition such as this. Anyway feele free to PM me questions, or reply to this thread if anyones interested/has questions.


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