Input and Output from Screens

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Input and Output from Screens

Post by bpayne »

I am looking at the LK162-12 for a personal project I am working on.

Can I send data directly to it via Serial, like a terminal, or does it need a program to interpret and move the cursor?

ex. In Linux, would "cat test.txt > /dev/ttyS0" propery display the contents of the text file "test.txt" assuming the device was on Serial port ttyS0?

How is the Input from the keypad accepted? Will pressing a key on the connected keypad then display on the screen or will it be sent via the serial connection, like a serial terminal?

Thanks for your help..

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Post by Tom »

Hi bpayne,

Thank you for posting on the forum.

All you would need to do is send data via the serial com port.

When you press a key, a character is sent down the receive line of the serial com port. You will then program the character accordingly.

An example of sending and receiving data to and from the display is shown at viewtopic.php?t=2920 . The format might not be in your desired programming language, but the idea is the same.

If you have anymore questions or concerns, please feel free to post them.

Best Regards,

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