Mother Board Monitor Causes PC to crash, Help Needed!

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Mother Board Monitor Causes PC to crash, Help Needed!

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I recently got a MX222 and installed LCDC, i then installed MBM5 and it worked fine after the required restart, configured it and the temps and stuff were displaying fine....

Later i turned off my pc and turned it back on and when starting MBM5 it works for 5 seconds then pc just turns off.. does this all the time, works after inital install but if i turn pc off and on again it crashes..

I have a DFI NF3 LanParty 250GB Mother board, its not listed on the install of MBM5.

Help would be great!


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Post by Tom »


Since MBM5 is not in development anymore, it probably won't support your motherboard. However you can try using other software with LCDC plugins. You can try using either speedfan which can be found at or hmonitor which can be found at . You can get the plugins for LCDC at .

If you have anymore questions or concerns, please feel free to post.


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