Matrix Orbital Rocks!

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Matrix Orbital Rocks!

Post by TerryK »

I've got my MX-212 up and running and have gotten the hang of LCDC. I must say that this unit is everything I thought it would be and more. It offers reliable fan control and temp monitoring, plus the ability to program custom screens. The only thing I would do differently is to get the double bay insert, that way I could display all of my info on one screen. :D Oh yea, did I mention top notch support-thanks Tom & Henry. You have a customer for life. Thanks again. :D :D

Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Post by Tom »

8) Thanks for the feedback. We work hard to get you an excellent quality product, and great customer service.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


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MO is the prefect finishing touh for my system!

Post by davidpanderson »

Hi Guys (+ Henry),

I rec'd my MX230 in the mail today (UPS!) in perfectly packaged condition and it was a breeze to set up! I do lots of stuff with computers, however, so I undestood LCDC pretty fast (stable software, excellent layout). I made my own screens and set up everything fast. Now i have all my 5.25's filled and everything is wonderful. I especially like the internal USB cable that I got with it...I still think that it should be an integral part of every order, but for ease of setup for the average user, the included USB cable is much easier, I would assume. I used an internal floppy PS cable to power the MX230, and I couldn't be happier with the entire package.

What you need is more presence in PC stores in Toronto...NONE of the stores I frequent (larger and smaller alike) have MO in stock, and many don't know what MO is or does!!! The only one I found that had it (after extensive research) was Canada Computers (Spadina Rd. and College St. proximity), but they didn't have all the colours and styles. And I'd much rather order from the source than from one of your distributors to make sure I was getting what I ordered. I know that I have seen MO in modding mags and stuff, but it should be actually IN THE STORES on display if you want more people to buy it. Just a suggestion!

I did find LOADS of reviews online from websites and such that got free or trial products from you, and I think that's great...the reviews certainly influenced my decision to buy MO in the first place; they showed all the features, how cool it is, and why people should/shouldn't buy one.

Extrememly happy, almost perfect (9.5/10) product, and of course now I will be a return customer!
MO Roxors!

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Matrix Orbital does Rock!

Post by thodges33 »

I agree with the first post in this thread! I had the choice between the single and double bay units but after thinking long and hard about it i thought it was best to get the single bay one, the MX222 USB is what i went for. Although the double is cool and has that bigger display i didnt like the fact it takes up two bays, plus on the front of the unit it does look like its wasting a lot of room with all the space underneath the display not being used (although obviously it needs that room at the back for the board and connectors).

Maybe if they mounted it more in the centre as opposed to the top centre it might look better. For 2 drive bays i would want maybe 6-8 line display, not just 4. i do realise it has more features but then again only really controls one more fan than the single and i just thought its better to go for the sinlge bay option, keep one of my bays and have more options about which bay to put it in and if i ever need another bay then its there.

Anyway, they were my thoughts when deciding which modle to go for :D

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