Newbe questions about Matrix Orbital keypads etc.

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Newbe questions about Matrix Orbital keypads etc.

Post by David9799 »

Can any of these be used with a PC? MX series, character LCD, character VFD, Graphic LCD....which one do most people use?

Do they all come with keypads some of the pics show them and some don't i really don't care for the keypads do you have to use them? Also will they control case fans? If so how many volts will it turn them down to and will they trun on and off cold cathode lights.

Will a 4 line text one fit into a one 5.25 drive bay if you do some custum work?

sorry for all the questions :D


Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Post by Bernie »

Hello David, the MX series units are basicly designed for PC use (drive bay inserts). Some customers have designed our other units(Character displays etc) into PC applications but it may take some modding skills depending on the size etc. that you choose.

The MX series units come with the choice of keypad (color, button, no button options). We also sell a 4x4 keypad for testing/evaluation purposes that can be purchased for our displays: ... sp?CatID=6

The 4line displays (MX4&5) are designed to fit two drive bays.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post with any additional questions or concerns.


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