A few questions before purchase

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A few questions before purchase

Post by complexmethod »

Ok, I saw some of these online while just browsing around and thought "holy crap those are awesome!" so - after looking around at a couple of modles i think ive made my choice. The LK204-24-USB-WB |Product Link|

However, being totally new to the LCD world... I had a few questions. On other models I've noticed buttons such as "F1" and "F2" along with arrow keys... I'm just not getting how it all works. Whats are the keypads for? Will I need one? Is it software run? What I want to do is install this into a "cd-rom" bay (5.25 bay?) or floppy bay...which ever would work best. Does this come with software to display things such as current overall temp, cpu temp, fan speed, current song playing, song time, uptime, etc...? What accessories would i need to install it into the drive bay?

Thanks for any help / answers you might give. I'm really looking forward to having one of these! - also, I have a Gigabyte 7N400 Pro 2 motherboard and it has a connector labled "Info Link" - would that be used with the LCD panel? No? - then whats it for? :P


P.S. - if there is different model that would suite my needs better - please let me know! - Thanks again - you can contact me here - or though this forum....which ever :P

Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Post by Bernie »

Hello, the only units that are bundled with/include software are the MX series units. You will want to look at the MX4 series (20x4):


The keypad overlay/buttons are optional. The button requirements will depend on your application and if you choose to design your project with keypad functionality. If you do not require the keypad/buttons you can go with a "no button" overlay(black/aluminum):

http://www.matrixorbital.com/pages/prod ... tID=5&mx=4


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