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Invalid Label Index

Post by Remco » Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:18 am


I have a problem with updating a label. i have the GTT50A module Rev 3.0.1, the firmware version is R2.12.0.10217 and the GTT design software version is When I create a label in the GTT Designer software I'm not able to read the LabelID. I'm checking this by using the 5.6 Get Label activation state commands, this returns a 17 which means InvalidLabelIndex following the eStatusCode.
When I'm creating a label with the 5.1 create a Label commands i get a 254 which means a succes with the 5.6 get label activation state.

Creating labels with the creating label command is not an option beacause of the amount of data it needs. Is there anything I can do to read the label ID's I'm creating with the GTT designer software?

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Daniel Divino
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Re: Invalid Label Index

Post by Daniel Divino » Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:09 pm

Hi Remco,

Welcome to the forums!

The GTT now has 2 different command sets:
The command set that you are referring to is called the GTT20 protocol, or Legacy Toolset in the GTT Designer.
The second command set, referred to as the GTT25 protocol is a more advanced version of the GTT20 protocol, providing additional functionality. The GTT Designer defaults to using the GTT25 protocol.

GTT20 and GTT25 commands can be used within the same screen, but their commands are not interchangeable. For example, if you place a GTT25 label on the screen, you will not be able to update it using a GTT20 command, and vice versa. More details can be found in the "GTT25 command protocol" section in the GTT Protocol Manual and the GTT Developer Manual, which are available for download here: ... uch/gtt50a

In your case, it sounds like you are placing GTT25 objects in the GTT Designer project and trying to communicate to these objects using GTT20 commands.

I suggest changing the toolset you use in the GTT Designer. On the left hand side of the GTT Designer, you'll find the list of tools available. Immediately on top of that list you will find a tab labelled "Tools" and another tab labelled "Legacy Tools". Please try using the "Legacy Tools" label. Then try checking the Label ID and changing Label activation status.

Daniel Divino
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