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Text Toggle Button

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 10:33 am
I have three questions about the Text Toggle Button

#1. I notice that when I press the button I get 252,250,0,3,1,10,254 ... however code 250 is not documented in the GTT Protocol V2.6 documentation. Am I looking at the wrong manual? If so where do I get the right one.

#2... are there other undocumented commands?

#3. I cant figure out how to send a command to ask the current state of the toggle button. Is there a command to ask the state?


Re: Text Toggle Button

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 1:38 pm
I have been looking at driver libraries...

There are tons of commands which I can see that are not documented... they all seem to fall into the "GTT25" ... presumably the 25 is a new protocol?

I am really hoping there is some documentation so I dont have to reverse engineer it... as I am building a library.

When you are looking for Object and Property IDs is the only way to figure this out to look at the "Report" file?

Re: Text Toggle Button

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 8:59 am
by Daniel Divino
Hi Alan,

I apologize for the delay!

1. You are correct, 250 objects are part of a new protocol. At the moment, we haven't officially released any documentation about the GTT25 protocol. That said, when working in the GTT designer, you can press the Report button after generating/deploying your project to your display. The GTT Report will contain information about all of the GTT25 objects that are implemented in your project. This includes how to update and read certain characteristics of an object.

The GTT Designer allows you to implement both GTT25 and GTT20 objects in your screens. All objects available under the "Tools" tab on the left hand side of the designer are GTT25 objects. By switching to the Legacy tab, you will be able to use the older, documented GTT20 commands listed in the protocol manual.

2. We will be releasing documentation explaining how to use GTT25 protocol commands, and how it differs from GTT20 protocol commands.

3. As mentioned, the GTT25 toggle button is part of a separate command protocol. In order to properly update and read your toggle, you will have to use the set and get commands available in your GTT Project report.

ID's are given to each object on screen so that the user can update that object. Currently, there are no commands to list which objects are currently displayed on screen, nor is there a command to list what object ID is associated with which object. It will be up to the user to determine which ID is given to which object. The report will also provide information as to what ID has been given to which object.