Overlapping labels?

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Overlapping labels?

Post by Brian »

Can labels be defined to overlap? What happens when you update a label that overlaps another one? For example, I have a frequency display, and if you try to go outside certain bounds, a pop-up message needs to appear overlapping that frequency. Is this possible? What does the background do when you do something like this?

Daniel Divino
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Re: Overlapping labels?

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Hello Brian,

Labels have been set up in a way that will allow the overlapping that you are describing. If two or more labels occupy the same space and overlap, the label that was last updated will be brought to the front, overlapping all other labels behind it. As such, labels will be displayed in order of the most recent updates.

In order to implement an error message, you can create a label that overlaps your frequency counter label during startup.
IMAG0064.jpg (2.93 MiB) Viewed 5654 times
You can proceed to update your frequency label as needed, then once an error is detected you can write to the hidden label, and it will pop up, overlapping the frequency counter.
IMAG0065.jpg (2.81 MiB) Viewed 5654 times
IMAG0066.jpg (2.91 MiB) Viewed 5654 times
Once the error is resolved, you can send a null character to the error label, and start to update your frequency counter once again.

When writing the script to update the error label, I drew a filled rectangle that was a little larger than the error message itself before updating the error label. This would create a border that easily distinguishes the error message (see IMAG0066.jpg).

Daniel Divino
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