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Label background color

Post by djvoss »

The GTT manual does not list any background color for the Creation of Labels. This is what I have discovered???????????

The background for a Label is taken from the Screen at the time that the Label is generated. This then precludes the generation of Labels in the autoexec file unless the screen is black or of the required background of the Label.

This was a complete suprise. I discovered part of the LOGO as the background even after I cleared the screen.

Martino, can you clearify this please and any other simular backgrounds ?????


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Re: Label background color

Post by Tino »

Hi Don,

Yes this is correct. This is the case with Labels, Traces, and Graphs.

A way to work around this is to redefine the Label or to draw a square or display a bitmap to the position of which you are defining the label to.

Apologies for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.
Thank you
Martino DeLeon
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