Generating BitMaps

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Generating BitMaps

Post by djvoss »

Your Demo software is very good: real good Bitmaps for the touch areas. I have been looking for the software which can produce these results. Help please?

In any future software, please consider adding a new Buffer Type: Scripts. I have been using the Run Script File, But it would be much faster if the scripys were already in the buffer. I like the Touch responce with a script, but the system I am working with has Events coming in from many different producers outside of the LCD. Being able to Run a Script Buffer would be a lot less work and time.


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Re: Generating BitMaps

Post by Tino »

Hi Don,

A suggestion to speed up your displat is to load all the bitmaps, fonts etc you are using during your Autoexec. That way you will not have to load anything when a script is run which slows down your application, this is what we do in our demo.

You could use Photoshop to create your buttons.

Thank you
Martino DeLeon
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