Problem with implementation of the display into my circuit!!

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Post by Clark »

Hi Reno0986,

The GTT draws a fair amount of current, 265mA with the backlight on as listed in the hardware manual. Please ensure your power supply can source this much current and use a ammeter to confirm the unit is powering correctly.

I imagine there may also be challenges in wiring the GTT to a controller for USB communications. If you continue to have trouble after checking power, please provide a little more information on your wiring scheme so we can confirm it is correct.

Troy Clark
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thanks for your help!

Post by reno0986 »

first, thanks for your help and for no to work more whit usb protocol, i changed the headers to rs232 protocol and now turn on the display normaly and load my autoexec file but mi cuestion is if i send a character from my hyperterminal, I must see this same character in the display or do i should to send something else??


Atte.: Ren

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Post by Raquel »

Hello Ren,

With your GTT480272A USB module, although the provision is on the board to change it to RS232, you do not have connectors and the other components necessary to run it in RS232 mode.

You will have to buy the serial kind, which is the GTT480272A (you have a GTT480272A-USB). As you can see here the two different kinds of the GTTs.

Say you have the serial module, when you connect it to Hyperterminal, there is no initialization necessary to display the characters sent from Hyperterminal. You will just need to make sure you have the right connection (use this cable) and correct set up on Hyperterminal which is 8 bits data, no parity, 1 stop bit, 115200 baud and hardware flow control on. This is the default setting on the GTT.

I hope this helps.
Raquel Malinis
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