FAQ, please stop and read FIRST!!!

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FAQ, please stop and read FIRST!!!

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FAQ for the DD-DB1 LCD/VFD Development Board

Q: Can I buy a MOP or use an other parallel LCD and replace the one on the Dev Devil?
A: Yes. Should you? No, not unless you know what you are doing. The backlight current resistors as well as the contrast circuit is designed for the display the board was shipped with.

Q: Why DevDevil? You guys in league with Satan?
A: Not at all, we just like the colour red, as it is on our flag (and lots of it), we also like to develop products and happen to like the Tasmanian Devil. We did grow up on Warner Bros. cartoons after all.

Q: Why is the DevDevil board red and the display green! Like Seriously! It's not Christmas!
A: You can't have it all, plus it's not just green, it's Vancouver Island Forest Green.

Q: What does the picture under the main processor mean?
A: Warranty void in Ancient Egyptian.

Other things worth mentioning (because as perfect as we may seem, engineering sometimes have "off by one" mistakes... just ask about the giant scorch mark on the desk in the engineering department)

PCB Rev 1.0

1. Yes we are fully aware that the black text is harder to read than it should be on the red board. This will be fixed in the next revision, we are going with a bright yellow.

2. Yes, the LED/GPO jumper blocks the LED's when looking at it on your desk, it will be fixed in the next revision.
Henry J.
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