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GLT24064R Firmware upgrade Failed

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:32 pm
by TimConst
Hi All,
I had a working GLT24064R-1U-USB that was fully functional and I attempted to upgrade it to v8.6. Now the display no longer works and the screen flickers but is always blank.
What I did to upgrade my display was start the FWU program (v6660) which seemed to work normally. On the last screen I was offered 3 choices for upgrade. I chose the latest v8.6. The FWU program showed a progress bar while it was updating the boot loader then an error occurred and the update stopped. I was looking at the progress bar on the GLT24064 not the FWU software so I missed the exact message :(

Now when I rerun the Firmware Updater, the module is unknown (224) the firmware version is 14.0. The next FWU screen offers no choices and no versions to upgrade to. Further if I run Modcd Sharp (Display Tuner Pro v1.0) Autodetect will show the Display to be: DD-DB1-AV204A, Hardware 1.0 and Firmware 6.3. Digging deeper within Modcd Sharp Module Info shows #24 and Version f.c . Before the upgrade the Module Info was #94 and the Version 8.0.

Not much works since I have no Firmware except for what seems to be a functional bootloader.

What I think I need is a direct link to download the firmware to use with the FWU program??

Please help

Re: GLT24064R Firmware upgrade Failed

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:22 am
by Daniel Divino
Hi Tim,

It's unfortunate to hear that an error occurred during your attempt to update your display, and now your display has locked up and you are no longer able to properly detect the display using the Firmware upgrader, or through MOGD#.

I'll provide a firmware file to you through email, and you can try uploading it through MOGD#. Uploading firmware directly should resolve the issue.