GLK240128-25 stopped responding after firmware update 8.4 to 8.6


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GLK240128-25 stopped responding after firmware update 8.4 to 8.6

Post by Eddy » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:38 am


As mentionned in the subject, after I update the firmware version of the GLT240128-WB from FIRMWARE-8.4 to FIRMWARE-8.6, it stopped responding.
I am currently using a microcontroller to send data via serial RS232 protocol at 19200baud.
PCB Rev. seems to be "4.0".
I just wanted to know what changes were made beside the "Current Font" changes from 1byte to 2bytes.
I looked around on the website for product changes, didn't seem to affect my commands beside Current Font.

It seems I am only able to clear the screen, and not write any character on the screen at all, cant set brightness.
Tried with mogsharp 1.1.8, I am able to do everything with the software.
If you need additionnal informal, it may be provided.

Thank you in advance for the help,

Issue has been resolved many thanks to Daniel.
Turns out the issue was within the command "Current Font".
What i send to the GLT240128-WB was "0xFE 0x31 0x00 0x01"
But the correct sequence is "0xFE 0x31 0x01 0x00"

Daniel Divino
Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Re: GLK240128-25 stopped responding after firmware update 8.4 to 8.6

Post by Daniel Divino » Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:57 pm

Hi Eddy,

I appreciate your post on our forums.

With the release of firmware revision 8.5, we transitioned to using 2 byte font ID's instead of 1 byte font ID's. By increasing the number of font ID bytes, we've also increased the number of ID's that can be assigned to fonts stored on the display. Users can now assign their fonts an ID value between 0-1023, as opposed to the 0-255 range that users were previously limited to in firmware rev 8.4 and lower.

We can also set up custom firmware for users who want some of the newer features we've released, without having to modify the code they have already written. If this is the case, don't hesitate to contact and our team can help get you set up.

Daniel Divino
Technical Support
Matrix Orbital

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