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Add Font to MOGD

Post by bennyb » Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:09 pm

How do I add the fonts that download from Matrix Orbital (small filled after I accidentally put Lucida Mono in slot 1) to mogd#. I just don't know how you add them to the Upload to device list
I see that I need something LCDG or something.

I search this message board trying to figure it out.

Daniel Divino
Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
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Re: Add Font to MOGD

Post by Daniel Divino » Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:25 am

Hello Bennyb,

Welcome to the forums!

I understand that you're looking for steps on adding fonts from our website to MOGD#.

In order to add fonts to MOGD#, you will have to access your MogdShapFonts file located in your Appdata-> Roaming File.

-From your startmenu, search for "Run" and press enter. A dialog box should open up.
-In the dialog box, type "%appdata%" and hit OK. This will open a folder called "Roaming"
-From Roaming, find the folder named "MogdShapFonts"
-Copy the .mgf file, and the font bitmap folder that you downloaded from into the MogdShapFonts folder.
-Close the folder.
-Open up MOGD#, and go to Fonts>Upload to device. You should see the font that you have just added in the font list.

You will now be able to upload these fonts to your display.

Daniel Divino
Technical Support
Matrix Orbital

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