Displaying Room Temperature With LCDC and a D1W DS18S20


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Displaying Room Temperature With LCDC and a D1W DS18S20

Post by 110220Volts »

I am currently working on a project with LCDC and I want it to display the room temperature
I bought a DS18S20 Dallas One-Wire Sensor and LCDC recognizes as sensor 000 I used the screen file that came with LCDC and I changed the sensor value to 000 and it says NYR, In Screen builder data entry, But when I select the screen it just says 0F or 0C I use the Fahrenheit scale as I am in USA How do I get LCDC to read the temperature at a set interval?
My display is a VK204-24-USB

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Post by Raquel »


I hope it's okay that I deflect your inquiry to lcdc forum.

I tried to look into setting reading interval, and all I could find is adding an Event on every second setting.

As our offices are in disarray because of the move, I could not try a display and temp sensor out for you; hopefully soon though, I can get set up and will let you know if that setting works.
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Post by Clark »

Hello Volts,

As Raquel has pointed out, the folks at LCDC will be the experts for the software, but we have had some time to meddle and may be able to point you in the right direction.

To set up temperature monitoring in LCDC, first plug in your unit and get all your drivers installed. In the LCDC configuration menu either set up your display manually or auto detect, with your connection type set up, try a quick connection test, then move down to the Dallas One-Wire tab in the Advanced section. Scan for interfaces, find your temp probe and hit close, finally give it a name; I used Temp1. Next, create a screen, in the lines menu, click on the right of the text entry box to bring up the variables, open up Advanced Features -> Dallas One-Wire -> Value, and double click your device name (Temp1). Your variable will be added to the text box and you can throw in some surrounding text.

At this point the basic set up is complete, and I would recommend just leaving the screen as it is, maybe adding in a few others. However, you could add an event to have your screen pop up on a key press or even every second if you like. Just move to the events tab, add a new event, and set the action to display your temperature screen.

That should get you up and running for this small application, if you do have any further questions regarding the software try us but LCDC will be your best bet, for the display by all means ask away.

Troy Clark
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