LK-204-TCI Tri Color - change display colors with LCDC


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LK-204-TCI Tri Color - change display colors with LCDC

Post by lonkny » Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:39 pm

Hi all, I own an LK-204-7T-1U-USB-TCI tri color USB display which I love. I was using a Beta version of LCD Smartie which supported changing the color of the "TCI" Tri Color display (dials for Red, Green, & Blue), but overall the software wasn't cutting it so I switched over to using LCDC, which I prefer. However, I don't see how to edit the display's RGB settings to get different display colors... I would think LCDC would support this being that it is designed specifically w/Matrix Orbital displays in mind... so far, however, only LCD Smartie (and not even the version on their website, but one I found in the middle of a forum post) I've found to support editing the TCI displays... :(

If LCDC doesn't support editing the display color, what does? I can set the color in LCD Smartie, then close it and switch over to LCDC - however, once I shutdown/restart, the color is back to the standard blue... so this isn't doable.

Can I get LCDC to modify the display's color and save it that way for all future Windows sessions? Any help is greatly appreciated...

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Post by Clark » Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:51 am

Hi Lonkny,

Unfortunately, I don't believe LCDC has specific support to dynamically change the backlight colour of our tricolour displays yet. You can check in at to see what they're up to, maybe post a request in their forums, and even send an email directly to the LCDC creator, Matt, while you're there.

You can, however, save your desired start-up backlight colour. If you set remember on, save the base backlight colour, and turn remember off you should see your colour on startup. You'll need to send some basic commands to the display, so I'd recommend taking a look at the manual, and downloading our uProject software.

In uProject, set up your communication settings, then move over to the main tab and test them out with the backlight check box or the send text button. If communication is good move over to the uploader tab, open up the other branch and drag a raw data command into the window. Again, be sure to confirm with the manual but I believe you'll need three commands; 254 147 1, 254 130 [red] [green] [blue], and 254 147 0. Once these are entered, hit execute or F9, double check your communication settings, then hit ok to run. When you're done, you can save this command list for another time.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your LK204-7T-1U, don't hesitate to post.

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