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Factory Default

Post by chris@dtscom.net » Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:47 am

Is there a way to factory default the display? I have a LK204-7T-1U in which I am looking to restore to the factory settings. After I changed the baud rate, the screen goes blank, and I can't communicate with the device. I am switching from 19200 to 9600, and the display doesn't respond after setting the baud rate differently.

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Post by Clark » Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:15 am

Hi Chris,

The LK204-7T-1U has a default like all of our intelligent display line, it differs a little in that you will have to hold the bottom left dot key of your tactile keypad while the unit boots up. You can check out your manual for more info.

Override will temporarily force the baud rate back to 19200, along with the contrast and backlight values that may be turning your display black. Once you can communicate again be sure to save the baud rate and those display settings.

A word of warning if you are using uProject, the baud rate command has changed slightly since it was coded. You'll have to use raw data from other in the uploader tab or a terminal program to send the raw bytes, or a newer program like MOGD#.

If you have any further trouble, don't hesitate to post.

Troy Clark
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