(SOLVED) Floppy Pin Cfg for MX Series


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(SOLVED) Floppy Pin Cfg for MX Series

Post by MailManX » Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:51 pm

I am the proud new owner of an MX312. Not wanting to screw it up, I've read the installation manual carefully. The floppy pin configuration in the MO manual seems to be opposite the floppy pin cfg of my PSU.

See attachment. TOP is from MO Manual. BOTTOM is my PSU pinout.

Maybe I'm just looking at it upside down?


SOLUTION: I needed to look at the picture in the MO manual as it's a female connector facing me. Rather, I was looking at it as if it were the male input pins on the MX312. Doh! I shoulda fetched a child.

RUNNING: All is well. The MX312 is installed and running. It looks great and has terrific viewing angles. Now I'll start to learn the LCDC software.
Matrix Orbital Floppy Power Pin Designation.jpg
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A child could understand this. Fetch me a child!

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