Two MX2's in same system


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Two MX2's in same system

Post by jbcon » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:10 am

OK, amoung other problems. I am unable to get both MX2 MX214's) working in the same system at the same time. I can get them both to powerup and display, but when I go into the software and create my screens for one, the second one freezes at the last screen that it cycles.

OK, here is what I did... I connected both displays via internal USB header and they are on Com 3 and Com 5 respectively. When I go in to LCDC it detects both and I can go in and individually setup my screens on each. However whcih ever one I do first, when I go to configure the second one it freezes on whatever screen it was last on.

How do you setup two displays? Do I need to run two LCDC apps at once?

Also some additional questions if anyone feels like humoring me.

1. Is thee anything more upto date as far as software in 2010
2. Are there any options to get something like MBM to work on modern mobo (I have nforce 780i).
3. Are there any Temp options for Nvidia cards (Newer Geforce 9800 and above)

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Post by Clark » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:36 am

Hi JBCon,

LCDC, like any other software for our display is a third party program, I would recommend checking out the application site for the most in depth support, but I think I can address some of your easier questions here.

First, yes, to run two displays you will need to run two instances of LCDC; from experience here it seems the software can only communicate with one display at a time.

Now, for current software you can check out a few of the other projects out there, LCD Smartie for one, but I believe LCDC will be the most prominent and the most recent. For monochrome alphanumeric displays such as your MXs, it seems we've reached a point where the software has caught up to the hardware, so that even older programs will offer most of what is available for the display. Again, feel free to explore options for monitoring software, you might find something like Speedfan a little more current.

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