Backlight illumination on system boot?


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Backlight illumination on system boot?

Post by voodooudu » Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:35 am

My company has a platform that utilizes a Matrix Orbital LCD display model LK202-24-USB. We have an issue with the mainboard on this platform that causes the system to halt if the user presses the power button too many times- which the end user perceives as a broken box. I have addressed this issue to the best of my abilities and I am still having an issue in the field. Other than the standard pc LEDs to indicate power the only feedback the end user receives is the Matrix display.

I cannot use the berg(floppy) power connection which would get me what i need- because of some certification issues. I can only power the display using the onboard USB header.

So to my question is there a way to force this display's backlight to illuminate on boot instead of waiting for the OS to begin booting? I believe this immediate visual feedback may curb some of the nervous finger problems that are causing the mainboard issue. This is an ongoing issue and I would really appreciate any info I can get.
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Post by Clark » Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:27 am

Hi Voodooudu,

The LK202-24-USB, like all of our other displays, will turn on as soon as sufficient power is applied. Unfortunately, when it is powered by USB only, it's host will not supply sufficient power until it knows what is attached to it's USB line. As you've seen, that doesn't happen until the OS boots up.

Of course the easiest way to get around this delay in power up is to supply the display with power from another source, thus the floppy connector. I too wish I knew more, but I don't believe there is a software way to get around this issue if you must power the display directly from a USB port.

All the best in your quest to calm nervous fingers, and if you have any further display questions please post anytime.

Troy Clark
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