ATMega128 Coding help with GLK240128-25


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Post by Clark » Wed May 05, 2010 2:17 pm

Hi Illusion,

My apologies for the delay, looks like 5 questions to get to...

1. Yes...I recommend autodetect to get the com settings, then hit the bitmaps tab for upload to device.
2. can resize to what ever dimensions you need
3. Save to slot 1...the bitmap saved in position 1 is your start screen
4. See can upload using code but MOGD# is recommended, once an image is uploaded it can be displayed at any time by referencing it's number in the appropriate draw bitmap command.
5. No...and yes, you can download the filesystem before you get going so you have a copy of the factory fonts, bitmaps, and settings. Or you can ask one of us here who may be kind enough to send the filesytem or a bmp.

As always, the manual will be your friend, but if anything is hazy or missing let us know.

Troy Clark
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