Please Help!!!


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Please Help!!!

Post by gota420 »

I recently purchased an MX4 with the 2 bay keypad and i bought a copy of LCDC (mx4 is used) everything is working fine except for a couple of plugins i can't figure out how to configure and can't find info anywhere.

1) winamp works but shows a ballon on the taskbar that say " could not action sys->run application "c:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe" file not found" i have windows x64 winamp is installed on program files(x86)\winamp\winamp.exe How do i change this??? (even though it shows this baloon it displays winamp songs, time and title)

2) motherboard monitor is not active.... i downloaded it where am i supposed to save the plugins?

3) for some reason only 1 of the fan connectors work (i have 2 fans and only 1 powers) i set up the jumper to 12v. and plugged the floppy power in.
how do i set up speedfan?

4) this is the one i hate... i have no temp probes but the screen manages to display this message (N.A Overheat Fan N.Ac Loa ok !warning! (blinking) N.A% how do i get rid of this?

Thanks for all your help in advanced!!!

Jan Kerssen
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Post by Jan Kerssen »

Hi, presumebly you run an example command file.
Go into Screenbuilder and uncheck the screen or delete it.
One can create and design screens to your own preferences.
Get inspired!
Read the LCDC manual about how to enable and configure plugins.
Visit the LCDC forums to find answers to a large variety of questions.
Succes, Jan

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