Ok, here is the "ghosting" (burn-in, GLK-24064-GW)


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Ok, here is the "ghosting" (burn-in, GLK-24064-GW)

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I mentioned this in another thread and one of the Admins wanted to see the photo of what I was talking about. He suspected it might not be normal. For sure, it's not desireable.

I write to a screen and then when the screen is cleared, residual image is still seen. I have three images that demonstrate this. You can see the 1st image still remaining in the 2nd and 3rd.

This is the GLK-24064-GW display.




You can also see the uneveness that I was also talking about. In the first photo, you can see the first line starts off dark and then gradually gets lighter to the right. The "the GLK" is clearly lighter than "This" at the beginning of the line. This is NOT a result of lighting or the angle or the fact I'm using a digital camera. This effect looks the same to my eye, as I view the LCD. In fact, it is more obvious, to the eye, and is a little hard to photograph.

Also, the third photo of the "M", you can see the upper left pixel and the two lower pixels in the center of the "M" are darker than the rest. I see this on many characters. Over time, these tend to even out but it's not right and very annoying.
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Hi Ipscone,

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