Problem with internal USB hookup for MX412


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Problem with internal USB hookup for MX412

Post by deathknight »

I have the MX412 display and have been running it with the external usb connector for a while. Now that I am moving it into it's permanent case I went to hook it up using the internal USB cable that shipped with it, but it seems that the header on the MX412 differs slightly from the instructions.

The instructions state that the header will have one pin missing and that one hole will be filled in on the connector, to avoid plugging it in incorrectly. However the USB header on my LCD has all 5 pins. The fourth pin (which should be missing) is there. This causes an issue because the connector on the cable is filled in.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea how to rectify this?

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Post by FrankFuss »

You can cut off the pin (2nd from the top) that should be missing (becareful, measure twice and cut once), or push out the plug from the connector from the back. Just make sure you have the connector oriented correctly with the empty slot 2nd from the top.

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Post by Tom »

Sorry for the delay. I have replied via email.

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