Updating the USB drivers


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Updating the USB drivers

Post by thodges33 »


I'm assuming i need to update my USB drivers because my display keeps turning off and also the characters keep going funny sometimes...

How do i update the drivers? I did read a guide somewhere but it was too confusing and looked very tricky... so anyone know a way i can do this assuming drivers are whats causing my problems?

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Post by Tom »

What you can do is fully uninstall the drivers in the device manager. Then go into the registries, and delete the registry entries. The locations of the registry entries is shown at http://www.lcdforums.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1016 . The location of the latest driver is also shown in the link above. You can then plug in your unit, and install the latest drivers.

If you have anymore problems, let me know.

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