HTT HDMI TFT Support Utility

HTT Series HDMI Interface TFT's
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HTT HDMI TFT Support Utility

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We are happy to release our HTT HDMI TFT Support Utility source code for Windows and Linux!

Source code for Windows and Linux

Windows compiled version

User Defined Settings

Screen Rotation: 0, 90, 180, 270
Touch Panel sensitivity: Normal, High, Extra (thickness is dependent of display)

There commands require PCB 2.0+ of any HTT display

Backlight Brightness: 0-255
Haptic Feedback: Duration, ms
Piezo: Duration, ms
Touch Feedback: 0 none, 1 Haptic, 2 Piezo, 3 Haptic & Piezo
Backlight Auto Dim: dim from last touch, seconds
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