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multi-line text Button

Post by edje11 »


I'm very new to GTT designer, just started with this amazing tool.
The first thing I'm bumping in is multi-line on a button. Tries to search the forum, but no results.

Is it possible to break up the line "Light Bathroom" in 2 line's on the button so it will fit better?
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Re: multi-line text Button

Post by Raquel »

Hello edje11,

Thank you for posting on the forum.
And thank you for finding the GTT Designer Software useful.

As per label on your button, unfortunately, they can only be one-liner.
If your text is not changing, you may want to use an Image Button instead (you can use an image that you design).
And you can also have different images for button down and up.

Hope this helps.
Raquel Malinis
Design and Development
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