Use of GTT2.5 Gauges

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Use of GTT2.5 Gauges

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I'm trying to use a gauge to display analog voltage readings from 1 of 8 channels. The voltage ranges from -10 to +10. See the picture.
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What I've found out so far is that GTT Designer gauges only accept integers; so I'm converting my voltage by multiplying by 10 and rounding. I display the actual voltage below the gauge. What I'm having a hard time figuring out is out how to display negative values on the gauge.

The settings I made for this gauge is -100 minimum, +100 maximum. Start angle 90, End angle 270. The idea is to have the needle pointing straight up when a value of 0 is put in; directly left at -100 (-10.0V), directly right at +100 (+10.0V).
I can't figure out how to do that. When I put any negative value in, it points to the direct right; 0 thru 100 behave as expected. I can't get the needle to point anywhere in the left, negative value quadrant

Does anyone know of good documentation on how to use GTT Designer gauges? Perhaps the gauge won't accept negative numbers, even though the property settings allow a negative minimum.


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