GTT Firmware Release R2.12.0.10217

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GTT Firmware Release R2.12.0.10217

Post by Clark » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:59 am

New GTT Revision 2.0 firmware has been released!

Changelog from R2.11.0.10067
  • New Feature: Added Communication Logging feature
  • New Feature: Added Colour Properties for Chart Axes
  • New Feature: Added Tick Frequency and Length for Chart Axes
  • Bug Fix: Fixed alignment and clipping issues for Chart Axes
  • Bug Fix: Fixed possible overflow for large data packets
  • Bug Fix: Fixed printing of floating point numbers
  • Optimization: Decrease font rendering speed
Download your GTT FIrmware here.

To incorporate the newest firmware features in your design, always check out the latest GTT Designer Software.

For more information on implementing the GTT Client Library in your own project, check out these code examples on our Github page: For information regarding the commands presented in the GTT Client Library, please review the Developer Manual, here.

Troy Clark
Design & Development
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