Windows 10

GX and Typhoon hardware, this includes, displays, cables and accessory cards.

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Windows 10

Post by Vernonius »

Im new in the world of LCD I only have a Logitech G15 keyboard running aida 64 info.
I bought a Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon and wanted to run Aida info on it.

Thing is, I run windows 10. Can it work?

Windows recognizes the device but Aida64 not. I tried to install drivers from 2011 package but when i do, and try to run programs the pc will lock up.
Is there a solution or am I forced to work with win 7 in order for this to work?

Any help is appreciated (Sorry for my bad english, im from the Netherlands)

Matrix Orbital
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Re: Windows 10

Post by Raquel »

Hello Vernonius,

Thank you for contacting Matrix Orbital technical support.

Sorry for the delayed reply.
When you plug in the GX on your Windows 10 machine, does it display 'GX' and the backlight scrolls through different colors?
If it does, then you are set. You might want to contact / reach out to Aida64:

Best Regards,
Raquel Malinis
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Matrix Orbital

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